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Do you wanna have fun, creativity and variety?

Using nature as a model

For decades the natural beauty of nature,  and her incomparable varieties of colour, has provided a model for the high-class products of DEKA. DEKA’s dedication to limitless creativity, manufacturing superiority and our devotion to the ecological movement serves to create a symbiotic relationship between our customers and the environment.

Bound by tradition

For over 95 years, the blink of an eye for nature and an eternity for a human, three generations of the Koster family have guided DEKA , always maintaining a connection to the earth while nourishing creativity, product innovation and industry foresight,  all resulting in producing the highest-quality products that bring colour into the everyday life of its customers.

Quality matters

DEKA strives as an ecological-friendly company to create the perfect product development circle of nature, manufacturer and consumer. Nature provides the raw materials, experienced DEKA employees provide the water based product manufacturing expertise, and finally completing the circle, DEKA products are offered in environmentally-conscious packaging to our customers.

DEKA - your reliable partner

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