Kreativität braucht Qualität!

Porcelain, ceramic and glass paint

Turn daily things into artworks

Child's play: Painting on porcelain, ceramic, terracotta, glass, stone, cement, clay..etc.

Glänzende Acryl-Transparentfarbe auf Wasserbasis von DEKA-Farben


The shining acrylic and transparent colour on waterbase

The perfect solution to paint on glass
Transparent - high gloss - numerous bright shades - colour inensive - excellent lightfastness - brilliant - waterfast - providing a constant shine - elastic - may be thinned with water - can be heat hardened and of course waterbased!
At first scrib the motives with the DEKA outliner then colouring.

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Color Lack


The full opaque high gloss on waterbase

Perfect for painting on porcelain, ceramic and glass

Full opaque permanent lacquer gloss - easy to process - lightfast -water resistant - shining tones - stable gloss - elastic - dilutable with water - baking up to  120°C... and of course waterbased!

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Color Matt


The full opaque matte colour on waterbase

The universal colour for wood - glass - ceramic - modelling pastes - stone - cement - metal - foils - styrofoam - many wax and synthetic surfaces - screens - paper - cardboard and a lot more. The colour for reverse glass painting and model making!
Easy to use!
cloth matte - full opaque - quick drying - easy to process - dilutable with water - lightfast - weather resistant...and of course waterbased!
Just give your artworks a new and dynamic look
Ground coat on waterbase with DEKA-ColorPrimer makes a ideal grip on smooth surfaces

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Glas - und Dekofarbe auf Lösungsmittelbasis


Professional Glass and Decorative Paint

For creative work on glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, plaster, stone, foil, modeling and lots more

transparent - high gloss - brilliant shades - good fade resistance - concentrated colour - crystal clearl - water resistant - gloss retentive - flexible - can be heat hardened

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